Yoga Pants



Fashion history looks like a relay race sprinting towards frumpy comfort.  With every century our attire becomes more and more about being cozy than stately.  I think this is a testament to innovation and have nothing but positive feelings on the subject.

I sew for the sole purpose of trying to make clothes with a wider range of movement.  In a perfect world gussets, darting, and spandex would create attire that allows full range of motion at all times.  Who wants to feel restrained all day?

Yoga pants are a symptom of our need to wear non-restraining clothes.  They’re pants that allow for women’s hips and provide a full range of motion.  I think it is often overlooked how difficult it is to construct a garment that accommodates women’s hip to waist ratio.

Spandex has been a saving grace.  I despise yoga but I wear yoga pants all the time.  Yoga pants aren’t about yoga.  They are a cultural movement towards a full-range of motion.  They are not going anywhere.  In fact, the next iteration of trendy pants are likely to be even more lax despite the backlash against them.

This is something I just became aware of because I don’t pay attention to what happens in American High Schools.  High Schools are banning yoga pants as too provocative.  In my obliviousness I had to google why yoga pants were provocative because that is not immediately obvious to me.

I look at yoga pants and think, “I can sit cross-legged all day long!”  Apparently, there are young gentlemen who think women wear yoga pants to intentionally outline their buttocks and genitals in an effort to sell sexual favors to strangers.  Or to quote a gentlemen who goes simply by Zach:

“All the girls say “They are so comfy ahhh haaa” but no, we all know they to show off their ass.  Whore Slut.”

Apparently, we didn’t all know that because there are yoga pants protests going on in our fair country.  Now I have lots to say about the objectification and shaming of women but no one wants to hear it.

Yoga pants are an interesting piece of clothing to ban to me because it never would have occurred to me to wear them as sexy clothing.  This is particularly ridiculous because the hottest thing I’ve ever seen is my gentleman friend in his capoeira pants.

They make yoga pants for men, too. 

Men's Yoga Pants

I’m really hoping they catch on in the same way they have for women.  So it is my expert opinion that men’s fashion should move towards a direction of full range of motion and allow for the freedom of movement usually enjoyed during athletic activities.  Men should not have to suffer in restrictive clothing.  They should protest these shackles of oppression and fight for their right to look a little more like this guy:


Men's Yoga Pants

Who says I’m not a men’s rights activist?