Warby Parker is this really neat service where you can buy glasses (lenses and all) for like $100.  If you don’t wear glasses you may not fully appreciate this.  Glasses are really fucking expensive.  Like senselessly so.  Warby Parker has this neat business model where they sell you glasses at a reasonable goddamn price, which in my mind is a solid business practice.  So I ordered a box of glasses to try on from their website and took shitty pictures of me wearing them for your viewing pleasure.  I was hoping you could help me pick which pair make me look the least goofy.


Nedwin in Revolver Black Crystal.




Thompson in Whiskey Tortoise 

(Yeah, that’s a different pair of glasses)




Langston in Revolver Black Crystal




Marlowe in Copper Alloy 


Marlowe Copper


Reece in Sandalwood Matte




Alright, I have to send these all back on Wednesday.  So hurry up and vote!