This is really indulgent of me.  This strokes my narcissism in all the right places because I both get to show off and talk about the inane details of my everyday life.  I hope you’re all voyeurs.


I love looking in other people’s bags.  Purses.  Backpacks.  I like to imagine things about them based on what they choose to carry around with them everyday.  I like to pretend it says a lot about them.


There are a few sites that cater to this desire of mine.  The problem with mass aggregate “Everyday Carry” sites is that people start trying to show-off in ways I don’t like and then it’s less vulnerable and intimate.  I lose interest in a too carefully crafted image.


I like Reddit’s EDC forum because I’m lazy and it’s easily accessible.  But everyone who posts on there seems to be a male between the ages of 20-40 who thinks they’re in the fucking militia.  Photo after photo of guns and knives.  It’s laughable and was very poignantly ridiculed by this submission earlier in the month:

EDC from Reddit

I really wish y’all were familiar enough with EDC picture blogs and forums to understand how tears-running-down-your-face hilarious the hammer in this picture is.  There is a great deal of effort and hundreds of pages of reviews, recommendations, and discussion on which multi-tool one should carry.  The full-sized hammer  and wrench are making fun of that.  I feel like the hammer is slightly more hilarious than the wrench.


So…ummm…Wanna see what’s in my purse?


I like to carry the least amount possible.  I use to be a fan of giant bags until I weighed my purse.  I use to carry around a 25 lb bag everyday of my life. 25lbs?!  And that was before I played pack mule for all my male friends who don’t plan ahead well enough to own an acceptable satchel.


So I paired down to the smallest clutch I could reasonably get by with.  Here’s my Michael Kors clutch that I carry everyday.  I got it from the Apple store because it’s designed to fit my phone in it and not much else.  I wish I had more of a selection on clutches designed specifically for my phone because my pocket computer is my life companion.  I would build an alter to it if I had any skill at all for carpentry.



Here’s some context for how small it is.





There isn’t much room to spare so I only carry the essentials with me.  I’m hoping the leather will eventually stretch out enough that I’ll be able to carry lip balm but so far I’ve had to rely on pockets like a goddamn peasant.









This is what I can pack into my tiny clutch.  My phone.  (The case is shown becauase I am using my phone as a camera.  Don’t be fooled by how stunning the quality is.)  Headphones.  Cash.  From left to Right:  Debit Card.  Credit Card.  Drivers License.  Disneyland Pass.  Health Insurance Proof.  ULTA Rewards Card.



When I carry keys, I attach them with the clasp holding the wristlette onto my clutch.  Is a nice little package and my shoulder pain has greatly been reduced.  I would love to know what you carry.