Let’s just cut to the chase: wealthy men are high status men.  You are more likely to be hired for a job, fucked by a super model, treated well by a flight attendant, and evaluated positively if you are a high status man.  I feel for you, I have to be thin and pretty for the privilege.

But wealth isn’t the only status marker that you can exploit to those ends.  You can be really charming, you can have a skill set that is in high demand, or you could dress really well because it makes you look wealthy.  Dressing really well gives you some of that beauty wealth/privilege that 99% of the population resents existing.

Men’s fashion is primarily business casual and formal casual because employment in men is like beauty in women.

The not so secret message is that "women are sexually aroused by how much money you make."

The not so secret message is that “women are sexually aroused by how much money you make.”

This makes the vast majority of men’s fashion boring but it also makes dressing for work a breeze.  How you see male mannequins dressed in department store windows is how you should be dressing.  Excluding athletic clothing stores, men are only sold one identity and it’s worker bee.  You can be anything you want to be, fellas!  As long as it’s employed!

Go to any mid-range to upper price point clothing store’s website and click the “Men” tab.  What you see the model’s wearing is business casual.  Here, I’ll save you the trip.

Mens Fashion Men's Fashion Men's Fashion Men's Fashion Men's Fashion

I’m going to start putting together style guides for business casual but it feels like chump’s work because you could alternatively just walk through a mall.  The make or break factor when it comes to dressing well and looking professional is how well your clothes fit and if the color palette you are wearing matches your skin tone/hair color.  If those two things are pulled off, your options for professional wear are almost boundless.  I’d say the buck stops at shorts and short-sleeved shirts with pockets on them but I know some fashion savvy guy could prove me wrong.